Rights of Shareholders

      The Company recognizes the importance of the fundamental rights of shareholders, including the sale or transfer of securities. Obtaining adequate company information. Attendance for the right to vote at meetings of shareholders of the Company on conversion etc.
     The Board of Directors has determined that various operations. To preserve the rights of shareholders. To promote and facilitate the exercise of shareholders is equity as follows.
1. Delivered Meeting of Shareholders with documentation of the meeting, prior to the shareholders as required by law to identify the date, time, place of the meeting. And detailed agenda. Documentation agendas. And comments from the Board of Directors. To provide shareholders with full information.
2. In the event that a shareholder can not attend in person. Company allows shareholders to appoint independent directors or any other persons to attend instead. The proxy statement delivered from the Company along with the Notice of Meeting.
3. Before the meeting. The company will explain how to use the voting and vote counting, as clearly stated in the Company is regulations.
4.Chairman of the meeting will be allocated the time adequately and Conduct meetings in transparency. During the meeting would allow entitled shareholders equally to comment and ask questions thoroughly. The Director and related executives will attend the meeting to allow shareholders to make inquiries on the matter involved.
5.Preparation of the record is accurate and complete. Shareholders are able to detect it.
6.Dissemination of information to shareholders regularly through the company is website and Channel of the SET and the SEC.

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